Visualizing Statistics

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some interesting facts and figures in there…Watch china take over the world…


Ok here we go heres my attempt at something similar..I didnt want to go for the Flickr slideshow thing as it seemed a bit rubbish so i did it quickly on imovie



Designs that make Stefan Sagmeister (and me) happy.

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Stefan Sagmeister talking about some designs which make him happy..

I particularly liked the New York subway signs as i am a regular user of public transport! (most annoyingly trains) and i often find that there is nothing interesting to look at and normally resort to staring out of the window to avoid eye contact with strangers… perhaps the train companies should adopt similar strategies to make our journeys more enjoyable?

Here are some designs which make me happy..

Firstly my macbook..

I love the simplicity of the design it is very smooth and sleek which makes using it a pleasure! 

Secondly we have my new green Hundreds trainers..

I like the design of these as they are a bit different and stand out from most other trainers as they are BRIGHT GREEN. Also the design is very simple which is good as i do not like trainers which have to many bits stuck to them..




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My name is Alex and this is my blog..


this is me

photobooth funny

As you can see i am a good looking guy.

I will be using this blog to keep a record of the kind of stuff that I am doing for the 112mc module on the Coventry University media production course.

I have just created a new Flickr account which i have linked to my WordPress account so you can have a look at any photos I have uploaded onto there..

Now i have to go and do another blog entry about some stuff that I like looking at.